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Lump active clay

Apply in the military product (e.g.: ammunition, weapon), the civil product (e.g.: instrument, measuring appliance, electronic products, medicine, books, food, garment) seals packing is moisture-proof, moisture absorption, countercheck rotten changes.
Technical characteristics:
(1) High moisture adsorption (>30%, RH=40%;>17%,RH=20%)
(2) High absorption rate
(3) Except adsorbing moisture, it also can adsorbs other noxious gas (formaldehyde)
and foreign taste (ammonia)
(4) Non-toxic, innocuity, non-pollution, non-radioactivity
(5) Can be used repeatedly and the moisture adsorption won't to bring down.
(6) Innocuity elements content: As-10ppm,Pb=30ppm.The content is lower than foodstuff standard (As=10ppm,Pb=40ppm, Hg=40ppb)

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