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Pine Cat Litter(HC41)

Our pine cat litter is made from all natural pine sawdust by high pressure and high temperature sterilization process. It is of without any additive, chemicals, no-toxin and no side-effect, there is no harm to the pet even if eated by accident. Highly absorbent, biodegradable and recyclable, that means you can making the cat litter box cleanup easy. After use up, it can be recycle into your garden as the natural fertilizer, and you also can pour the used cat litter into toilet bowl directly.

Technic Index
Moisture: ¡Ü8%
Water absorption: 220%
Compressive strength: ¡Ý900g
Appearance: Diameter 4.5 or 6mm, length 6-15mm, ivory-white column.
Accumulate Density :0.65g£¯cm3


1.        Pour  pine cat litter into cat litter box to deep about 3cm.

2.        Pine cat litter absorb pet¡¯s urine,at the same time,release pine scent and change into sawdust while it touch cat¡¯s egesta. Scoop out solid waste daily and shake the box for sawdust to fall into the bottom of box.

3.        Scour the box each 3-5days, the sawdust may also be as fertilizer, or burn up, or in toilet bowl directly.


NOTE£ºPlease use double tray for cat litter box.


                                                             ¡é 6mm


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