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Bentonite cat litter(HC021)

ur Cat Litter is made of nature high-class bentonite by purifying, high temperature and drying technology:

1.       HC bentonite cat litter, no poison, no smell, no erosion, doesn't stimulate pet and pollute environment, not harm for pet, real environmental protecting, no harm for breathing system and digesting system.

2.       Our cat litter can absorb more urine of pet than other¡¯s ,as same volume.

3.       Strong adsorption can eliminate the smell of pet's egesta fast and efficiently,favor to clean room environment, and with good cluster property easy to handle pet's litter.

4.       We may supply you with color bentonite cat litter including blue,yellow,red ,green and so on, in addition to white. Also we may supply you with fragrance cat litter(Apple Smell, Rose Smell, Lavender Smell and so on).

5.       You may choose our tiny granular bentonite cat litter for kitty or little pet.

NOTES :Don¡¯t pour used HC Bentonite Cat Litter into toilet bowl or sewer directly after use up.

Technic Index:

       Appearance: Free flowing Granular

       Density: 0.70-0.73g/ml

       Compressive strength: 10N min

       Clump assessment: 90% of clump remaining+/-8% after 20 sec on shaker

       Particle Size: 1-4mm 99%min £¨According with your requirement£©

       Absorption ¡Ý3ml/g£¨12 Hours£©

       Ammonia present: 500ppm+/-10% after 5 minutes

       Moisture: 6.5% max

       pH value: 8.0-9.6

       Clump size: 5.0-6.5cm  















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